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A launch monitor is used in each session which ensures accurate assessment.  Launch monitors rule out guessing and substantiate the mechanics of your swing!


Byproduct Golf

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  Most golf instruction tries  to teach ideal positions  This is a very inefficient teaching plan.  This is why Fit4golf.ca created the Byproduct  Golf teaching platform, 8 movement patterns that if done will guarantee any golfer a dependable straight shot.  The byproduct  golf principle  states that great movement patterns  create great positions, not the opposite.  Byproduct creates the 3 most desirable characteristics of a great golf shot.  trajectory, direction and distance.

Winter Sessions 

2022-23 Fit4golf.ca

Supreme Golf lessons

40 years experience 

Fit4golf.ca golf lessons

 Winter Golf lessons are taught in Newmarket Ontario at the Fit4golf.ca studio.  Our teaching platform, “Byproduct Golf” Will show you the correct movement patterns, but more importantly will give you the understanding most golfers never know.  Truely an educational experience! Trajectory, direction and distance are the byproducts of a great golf swing.

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Golf lesson at F4G studio with 100% accurate launch monitor.

$60.00 each or 3  lessons for   $150.00

Video Call. 
Discuss movement pattern and principles

Fitness workout session.  Learn the concepts that make you fit.



3  fitness sessions for $130

Corporate events and noon time lectures 
Gift certificates available

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Golf Lessons
Winter Sessions

Fit 4 Golf.ca studio Newmarket 

Winter sessions are the best way to improve for next season.  With a faster learning curve you will hit the road running in 2023!  Each session you will work on ball striking developing a stock  shot through feel and special regard to 3 specific metrics:  Club path, face path, and angle of attack.  Then  play a few holes to test out your new skills on our 99.9% accurate launch monitor.  42000 courses to try!  Play your favourite course or any stop along the PGA tour!

Fitness is an important component integral to sport success and well being. Taught by a Kinesiologist and 2 sport national team member.  40 years of experience.

Joe Ross

Kinesiologist Joe Ross has been teaching golf over 4 decades.  His golf affiliations and memberships have included the CPGA, Titliest Performance Institute, World Golf Teachers Federation and Canfit Pro. Also a  fitness instructor, Joe has a very keen awareness of the physical demands of the golf swing. Experience the difference a sports movement specialist can make in your understanding of how to strike a great and consistent shot.  Your score card will thank you!