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  Clinics at Northern greens will commence Saturday May 14th and will run every Tuesday night at 630pm, and every Saturday morning at 1130am.   Girls and guys, beginners and experienced , children and adults.  Everyone needs to learn the importance of the eight movement patterns taught with byproduct golf.

Weekly Clinics 

Saturday July 2nd 1130am

Tuesday July 5th 630pm

Saturday July 9th 1130 am

It’s always been about the swing motion!

It’s not your fitted clubs, the ball you use,  fashions or country clubs.  It’s always been about one thing.  The golf swing.  It hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years. It’s  not easy to learn or teach and everyone goes through trials and tribulations trying to solve the enigma. teaches you the true blueprint that every  good ball striker knows and uses through science and tradition. Are you ready?

Supreme Golf lessons 40 years experience

Learn how to become fit and stay fit. golf lessons, fitness sessions, events

Golf lessons are taught at the Fit4golf studio, Newmarket, or Northerngreen’s Range in season. Fitness sessions are at Fit4golf studio or local.

Fit4golf Menu

Golf lesson at F4G studio with 100% accurate launch monitor.
Golf lesson at Northern Greens driving range(includes balls)
Fitness session at Fit4golf studio, or on loacation.
$50.00 or  3 for $120
Golf clinics starting  in May at Northerngreens 
Corporate events and noon time lectures 
Gift certificates available

Please  enquire

Fit4golf studio, or Northerngreens range

All lessons are booked through and taught by Joe Ross

899 Dales Ave Newmarket, On


Mon-Fri: 8 am-6 pm, Sat: Sun.8-12

Joe Ross

Kinesiologist Joe Ross has been teaching golf over 4 decades.  His golf affiliations and memberships have included the CPGA, Titliest Performance Institute, World Golf Teachers Federation and Canfit Pro. Also a  fitness instructor, Joe has a very keen awareness of the physical demands of the golf swing. Experience the difference a sports movement specialist can make in your understanding of how to strike a great and consistent shot and how achieve your ultimate fitness level!